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This is our main incentive of supporting Mikheil Saakashvili in Ukraine - SENSATIONAL DISCLOSURE FROM ELSHAD IBRAHIMOV, THE VICE-CHAIRMAN OF DIASPORA

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After the sensational message made by Hikmat Javadov, chairman of Azerbaijani diaspora in Ukraine at the last press conference, Enter.News Media Company contacted our diaspora and received the following information from Elshad Ibrahimov, vice-chairman of the diaspora about the latest situation.   
Mr. Ibrahimov, at the last press-conference Hikmat Javadov spoke about the retaliatory measures taken by the government of Ukraine against the activists who support Saakashvili, including inquiries sent by Ukrainian Security Service to different state authorities about the leaders of Azerbaijan diaspora. Does this situation negatively affect the daily activity of the diaspora?
Of course, this situation causes some tension. I would add that the retaliatory measures are not limited to official inquiries. Recently, several athletically built men pretending to be drunken attacked us and tried to create a conflict situation. Suspicious cars were following us in front of the office. These are unofficial pursuits. That is why we are ready for any provocation. As for the activity of the diaspora, I would frankly say, these measures do not hinder our activity. Our diaspora is continuing its usual operation.
Thousands of people support Saakashvili, why do they chase you? 
They do not chase only us. As you know, the government of Ukraine has come to power by Maidan movement. Unlike Yanukovich, they have experienced this and today they try to isolate Saakashvili. Recently they have deported some of the Georgian companions of Saakashvili from Ukraine. Our diaspora is supporting ongoing popular movement. We have always supported Saakashvili when he came to Ukraine and in the latest events. We have been blacklisted by the government when we helped him to cross the border. 
But why Saakashvili? 
Our diaspora has done much to help present government to come to power. We have been an active participant of "Euromaidan" and I think, Hikmat Javadov is one of the first official supporters of Euromaidan movement among our compatriots. When Poroshenko and his team came to the power, we had great hopes. But his policy serves the interests of oligarches like himself. The situation in Ukraine is very bad. Bribetaking, corruption, human trafficking, kidnapping, especially kidnapping of our conpatriots, briefly saying, crime and disorder is increasing. I would like to state, that more than 500 thousand Azerbaijanis live in Ukraine. We want to live in the state with developed law and economy. We have seen how Saakashvili made Georgia a law-governed state and that is why we support him. We believe, if present popular movement comes to power, positive changes will happen in Ukraine. We want this popular movement to appreciate our support if they come to power unlike some officials of present government who opress the representatives of our people. In one word, wait and see!