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The TEDxUNEC conference: “Outside Frame”

The next TEDxUNEC conference will be held on December 15.

The famous figures of the country in the areas of education, medicine and culture wii deliver the speeches dedicated to the topic “Outside the frame”.

In the TEDxUNEC, will share the thoughts - the founder of the Khazar University and the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, professor Hamlet Isakhanli on the topic “The future of the education – the future education”, the Secretary of the Union of Azerbaijani Writers, the People’s Writer Chingiz Abdullayev on the topic “The books and the open thinking” and the Chief physician of the Central Clinic Hospital, the doctor of medical sciences Kamran Musayev on the topic the “Desires of the heart of Cardiovascular Surgeon”.

We would like to note that, the UNEC has received the official license from TED for the organization of the conference.

About TEDxUNEC: The first TEDxUNEC conference was held in 2016. In the conference covering the topic “The unity of education and the science” made the speech the rector of UNEC, the professor Adalat Muradov, the director of the Institute of Petrochemical Proccesses of ANAS (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences), academician Vagif Abbasov, the memeber of the parliament, the doctor of phylisophy in phylisophy Fazil Mustafa and the expert on education, the professor Shahlar Asgarov.

About TEDx: The aim of the intellectual conference TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) which gathered on the one platform the scientists, public figures, business representatives and other professionals around the world for more than 33 years, is to share the unique ideas. The TEDx program provoding the background for the promotion of TED organization in local communities with the motto “Ideas worth spreading” has been promoted since 2009 year all over the world. Until now, in the hundreds of cities and at the univerities have held the independent TEDx events and these initiatives are steadily increasing.