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Azerbaijani citizens can travel visa-free to 67 countries

Henley & Partners today published an updated Passport Index, which analyzes the visa rules of 200 countries and ranks them by the number of countries with visa-free entry, Enter.News says.

Azerbaijani citizens can visit 67 countries without a visa, the updated Passport Index says.

"Azerbaijan in 2019 took 76th place in the Index (minus two positions compared to 2018). At present, Azerbaijani citizens can visit 67 countries without a visa (66 countries in 2018)," Henley & Partners notes.

During the year, Azerbaijan received visa-free access to Pakistan, Senegal, and Serbia, but at the same time, the visa-free regime canceled with Benin and Djibouti.

Japan holds first place in the Index. Its citizens can visit 191 destinations without a visa (or with an entry permit upon arrival), one country more than a year ago. Singapore holds 2nd place (190 countries). South Korea fell one line a year and now, together with Germany, ranks third (189 destinations).