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Teymur Rajabov becomes first winner of FIDE World Cup in Azerbaijan’s history

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Teimour Radjabov became the first winner of the FIDE World Cup in the history of Azerbaijan, Enter.News reports Oct. 4.

Radjabov defeated China’s Ding Liren 6:4 in the finals of the tournament held in Russia’s Khanty-Mansiysk city.

In the finals, the rivals played 10 games. Four classic games were played. During the first game, the grandmasters agreed to a draw. Losing in the second game, Radjabov defeated his opponent in the third game. During the fourth game, a draw was also recorded - 2:2.

Because the winner wasn’t determined during the finals, a tie-break set was played Oct. 4. The winner wasn’t determined during these games, either - 2:2. However, having gained two consecutive victories during the blitz games, Radjabov became the winner of the tournament.