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Zarif urges diplomats at Iranian Foreign Ministry not to resign

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed hope that his resignation would serve as a ‘nudge’ to return the Iranian Foreign Ministry to its rightful place in foreign relations, Enter.News reports via Mehr news agency Feb. 26.

Zarif made the remarks in reaction to the announcement of a number of diplomats and managers at the Iranian foreign ministry that they would resign from their posts should Zarif’s resignation take effect.

“My request for dear colleagues at the foreign ministry is that they follow up their duties in defense of the country with all strength, and strictly avoid taking such measures [resigning],” said Foreign Minister Zarif a few hours after he announced his resignation from his post.

Zarif announced his resignation in an Instagram post on Feb. 25. His request still needs approval of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to take effect.

Meanwhile, the majority of lawmakers have signed a letter in support of the veteran diplomat, asking him to continue his tenure as Iran’s foreign minister.

Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee will hold an extraordinary meeting Feb. 26 to address Zarif’s resignation.